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Center Team

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Affiliated Faculty

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Paul A. Argenti

Professor of Corporate Communication

Paul Argenti's recent research on social media extends his expertise in corporate communications, strategy formulation and execution, corporate reputation, and corporate social responsibility—issues on which he consults for corporations and nonprofit organizations. He teaches the core course Analysis for General Managers and the electives Corporate Communication and Corporate Responsibility.

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Emily J. Blanchard

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Professor Blanchard's research lies at the intersection of international economics and public policy. Her work explores the impact of global value chains on 21st century trade policy and the interaction of globalization and education. At Tuck, she teaches the core course Global Economics for Managers and a research to practice seminar on firms and international economic policy.

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Aine Donovan

Clinical Professor of Business Administration; Board Member, Center for Business & Society

Aine Donovan is a research associate professor in the Department of Education at Dartmouth. She also serves as a faculty member at Tuck and at the Geisel School of Medicine. Her research emphasis, publications, and professional presentations are in the field of moral education and applied ethics. Her recent books include "Global Bioethics" (Oxford) and "The Human Genome Project in College Curriculum: Ethical Issues and Practical Strategies"(UPNE). She teaches the "Ethics in Action" mini-course at Tuck.

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Peter R. Fisher

Clinical Professor

Margaret Hanson

Clinical Professor of Business Administration; Research Scholar

Thomas C. Lawton

Visiting Professor of Business Administration

Professor Lawton is an authority on nonmarket strategy and business model innovation, particularly during corporate turnaround or in response to political risk. Much of his work explores organizational forms and strategy processes for engaging political and social actors and arenas. The research leverages institutional perspectives and extends capabilities theory beyond market settings and into the nonmarket contexts of corporate political activity (CPA) and corporate social responsibility (CSR). His research has explored and advanced our understanding of how the firm competes beyond market settings, partnering with government in industrial policy initiatives, engaging external stakeholders through intermediaries like trade associations, and managing and mitigating political risk when entering and embedding in foreign markets, particularly emerging economies. He teaches a course in International Strategy at Tuck.

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John H. Lynch

Clinical Professor

Nan Stone

Clinical Professor of Management

Nan Stone received her PhD in American Studies at Harvard University, and spent almost two decades at the Harvard Business Review, where she ultimately served as editor-in-chief. In 2000, she joined The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit startup incubated at Bain & Company, as its founding knowledge partner.

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Anant K. Sundaram

Clinical Professor of Business Administration

Anant Sundaram teaches Corporate Valuation and Business and Climate Change at Tuck. His areas of expertise are business valuation, M&A, corporate governance, and financial strategies for profitable growth.

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Curtis R. Welling

Clinical Professor

Curtis R. Welling D'71, T'77 is a clinical professor of business who teaches courses at the intersection on business, society and government. Prior to Tuck Professor Welling served as the president and chief executive officer of AmeriCares for 11 years, guiding the organization in delivering $9 billion in medicines and supplies around the world. Prior to AmeriCares Professor Welling worked in the investment banking and securities industries for 25 years. He teaches classes on Impact Investing, Social Entrepreneurship, Business and Society.

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Advisory Board

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Charles G. Crane D’82, T’83

Chairman, Douglass Winthrop Advisors LLC

Charlie is chairman of the board of directors of Douglass Winthrop Advisors LLC. Previously he was co-founder of Scotsman Capital Management LLC, and he was the managing partner and chief investment officer of Victory SBSF Capital Management. 

Aine Donovan

Clinical Professor of Business Administration; Board Member, Center for Business & Society

Aine Donovan is a research associate professor in the Department of Education at Dartmouth. She also serves as a faculty member at Tuck and at the Geisel School of Medicine. Her research emphasis, publications, and professional presentations are in the field of moral education and applied ethics. Her recent books include "Global Bioethics" (Oxford) and "The Human Genome Project in College Curriculum: Ethical Issues and Practical Strategies"(UPNE). She teaches the "Ethics in Action" mini-course at Tuck.

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Jeffrey Halpern T’95

Board Chair; Global Chief Operating Officer of Credit Risk, Credit Suisse

Jeff Halpern is the co-founder and chairman of the Advisory Board for the Center for Business, Government & Society. He is currently the global chief operating officer of credit risk at Credit Suisse. Prior to joining Credit Suisse, he managed Home Hill Capital Advisors, a strategic and financial advisory firm. Before founding Home Hill, Jeff was senior vice president of Lehman Brothers’ global principal strategies group overseeing the group’s defense, technology, media and telecommunications investing activities. Before joining Lehman, Jeff spent 8 years at Sanford C. Bernstein where he was the senior sell-side equity research analyst covering the domestic telecommunications industry.

Carolyn Carr McGuire T’83

Board co-chair and co-founder of Community Consulting Teams Inc.

Carolyn is Board President and co-founder of Community Consulting Teams Inc. (CCT), a volunteer organization of MBA alumni that provides probono management consulting services to nonprofits in Greater Boston. Over the past twenty-five years, Carolyn has worked with dozens of nonprofits while helping to lead CCT’s management team. Since 1991, CCT has completed more than 170 consulting engagements, involving more than 700 MBA alumni from Tuck, Wharton, Sloan, Kellogg, Yale, and other leading business schools. 

Robert A. Searle T’96

Partner, The Bridgespan Group

Bob Searle is a partner in Bridgespan’s leadership practice. He originally joined Bridgespan in 2000 and served in a number of roles over 13 years at the organization, including lead for Bridgespan’s environment practice. His consulting work has focused on strategic and organizational growth for nonprofits and foundations across a spectrum of social issues. In 2007, he created the original pilot that developed into Leading for Impact (LFI), a two year consulting and executive leadership development program for midsize clients, which is now under way in five cities. Bob leads LFI in Boston and Chicago. 

Sue Dahling Sullivan T’89

Chief Strategic Officer for the Boch Center

Sue serves as the as chief strategic officer for the Boch Center (formerly the Wang Center for Performing Arts) with oversight for the implementation of a new strategic plan for one of the nation’s foremost not-for-profit performing arts centers and cultural venues. 

Steve Voigt T’86

Steve served as President and CEO of King Arthur® Flour from 1999 until 2014. Hired in 1992 as Vice President of Finance, Steve became Chief Operating Officer in 1998. Prior to King Arthur Flour, Mr. Voigt worked for Benedetto, Gartland & Greene in New York, where he raised private equity for venture, LBO and alternative asset funds. During his tenure there, he also supported his wife in founding, and later selling, Robin’s Homemade Breads of Greenwich, CT. 

Student Leaders

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Andres Aronsohn T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Undergraduate Education: University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Prior Work Experience: Natural Gas Trader at Origin Energy  Co-founder/Chairman of Bawurra Foundation

Career Interest and Goals: Commodities/Macro Investment Management

Personal Interests: Skiing, Squash, Architecture, Electronic Music

Julia Berk T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Good Neighbor Health Clinic

Jenna Bresadola T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Undergraduate Education: The University of Arizona

Prior Work Experience: Omnichannel Buying and Merchandising at Macy's Inc

Career Interest and Goals: Consumer and Retail Consulting, Retail supply chain management with focus on reducing the environmental impact of the industry

Personal Interests: Travel, True Crime Podcasts, Cooking, Ice Coffee

Charlie Carey T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Hometown: Lincoln, MA

Undergraduate Education: Bates College

Prior Work Experience: HarbourVest Partners, Cambridge Associates

Career Interest and Goals: Sustainable food and agriculture, early and growth-stage companies

Personal Interests: Skiing, squash, rowing, sustainable farming, and audiobooks

Chris Carey T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Hanover Improvement Society

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Undergraduate Education: Yale University

Prior Work Experience: Management Consulting at Bain & Company

Career Interest and Goals: General Management; small business owner

Personal Interests: Fly fishing, Hiking, Skiing

Carissa Clark T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Twin Pine Housing

Maddie Conlin T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Upper Valley Trails Alliance

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

Undergraduate Education: University of Notre Dame

Prior Work Experience: Management consultant at Bain & Company

Career Interest and Goals: I plan on returning to Bain Chicago after my time at Tuck. I want to use the experiences and skills I've developed both at Tuck and Bain to help local non-profits achieve their mission.

Personal Interests: Sports of really any kind, traveling, and scrapbooking

Elizabeth Davis T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Bozeman, MT

Undergraduate Education: University of Notre Dame

Prior Work Experience: The Coca-Cola Company, Global Sustainability, Manager of Strategic Initiatives; On Purpose, Founding Partner; Worn, VP of New Ventures

Career Interest and Goals: I would love to work at the intersection of social impact, innovation and experiential marketing for a company that I believe is having a positive impact. Eventually I would love to run for public office, maybe be the first woman mayor of New York? 

Personal Interests: Anything outdoors— hiking, running, fly fishing, traveling to places I have never been, cooking

Mo Earley T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Vienna, WV

Undergraduate Education: Wake Forest University

Prior Work Experience: Deloitte Consulting, LLP; Office of Evaluation Sciences, General Services Administration, United States Government; National Park Service, United States Government

Career Interest and Goals: Government, public-private partnerships, political campaigns, impact investing, social entrepreneurship

Personal Interests: Rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, craft beer, live music, reading long articles after having the tab open for weeks on my desktop browser

Kelsey Glatz T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: West Central Behavioral Health 

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Undergraduate Education: Dartmouth College

Prior Work Experience: Consultant at Vantage Partners

Career Interest and Goals: Healthc are, technology, food & beverage

Personal Interests: Reading, cooking, tennis, swimming

Jena Goettisheim T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Vital Communities

Hometown: Katonah, NY

Undergraduate Education: Tufts University

Prior Work Experience: Economic Consultant at Ernst & Young

Career Interest and Goals: I am interested in building a career that uses business tools to have a positive impact on society and create effective public-private partnerships.

Personal Interests: Avid traveler, foodie, history buff, and art enthusiast.

Claire Grosel T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Headrest

Hometown: Boston, MA

Undergraduate Education: Vassar College

Prior Work Experience: Health care consulting at Avalere Health

Career Interest and Goals: Health care strategy, consulting, digital health, innovation

Personal Interests: Musician (saxophone, clarinet, budding bassist), biking to get tacos

Reuben Hampton T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: The Family Place

Hometown: Philadelphia

Undergraduate Education: The University of Pennsylvania

Prior Work Experience: Program Manager and Data/Metadata Analyst, Data Management at Santander N.A.

Career Interest and Goals: Consulting, Entrepreneurship

Personal Interests: Sports (Soccer, Tennis, Rugby, Golf, Snowboarding, Chess) and public policy reform.

Amy Li T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Positive Tracks

Hometown: Yardley, PA

Undergraduate Education: Dartmouth College

Prior Work Experience: Clinton Health Access Initiative Kepler Cannon

Career Interest and Goals: Bridging private and public sector interests in Global Health

Personal Interests: Avoiding accidents while doing outdoorsy activities

Katherine McLeod T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Undergraduate Education: University of Texas at Austin

Prior Work Experience: I was a Teach For America teacher for two years in the Rio Grande Valley, which is the hardest job I will ever have. After TFA, I joined an early-stage elder care start-up as the second employee and helped grow it to a company of 25. Just before Tuck, I was an operations analyst at an education services company.

Career Interest and Goals: Short-term, I will be going into management consulting. Long-term, I'm not sure yet, but I want to do something that betters the world in some way.

Personal Interests: Reading novels and plays, hosting dinner parties, journaling, and running.

Melina Sánchez Montañés T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Almerimar, Spain

Undergraduate Education: Yale College, Harvard Kennedy School

Prior Work Experience: Novus Partners (fintech startup, NYC), Spanish government (Madrid and Lima), European External Action Service (Caracas), European Parliament (Brussels)

Career Interest and Goals: I am interested in early-stage impact investing in Europe and in public policy at the intersection of business and technology. In the short-run, I want to open an impact fund in Europe, and in the long-run I want to run for office at the European Parliament level.

Personal Interests: Traveling, playing chess, biking

Sejal Nevatia T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Undergraduate Education: St.Xavier's College, Kolkata

Prior Work Experience: Teach for India, Mumbai, Centre for Teacher Accreditation

Career Interest and Goals: Summer Internship: Uber, Product Marketing Manager

Trang Nguyen T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Ha Noi, Vietnam

Undergraduate Education: Union College

Prior Work Experience: The World Bank Group

Career Interest and Goals: Economic Development in Southeast Asia

Personal Interests: watercolor painting, mentoring, boxing

Kuba Nowicki T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences (VINS)

Hometown: Norwalk, CT

Undergraduate Education: Pomona College

Prior Work Experience: Prior to Tuck, I spent 4 years in general management at a distributor of industrial supplies

Career Interest and Goals: Consulting, Tech, Operations

Personal Interests: Running, hiking, reading fiction and dystopia, board games, travel

Marianne Poh T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Undergraduate Education: Massey University (Auckland, New Zealand)

Prior Work Experience: Mondelez International Brand Manager, Assistant Brand Manager, Research & Development Scientist

Career Interest and Goals: Management Consulting, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Agriculture

Personal Interests: Being the "Fun Aunt"; Eating Ramen; Piano

Jenna Pugrant T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Great Falls, VA

Undergraduate Education: Northwestern University

Prior Work Experience: Deloitte Consulting, Next Street Financial

Career Interest and Goals: Community development finance innovation and/or impact investing

Personal Interests: Spending time outdoors!

Nikhil Sambarapu T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Cover Home Repair

Michela Schena T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Windham, NH

Undergraduate Education: Tufts University

Prior Work Experience: Research Analyst in the Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund

Career Interest and Goals: I am interested in economic policy and leveraging private capital to enhance the public good, specifically by targeting income inequality.

Personal Interests: Travel, NPR podcasts, cooking and baking, ice cream

Robert Schrettl T’20

Revers Non-Profit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Upper Valley Haven

Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Undergraduate Education: Goethe University Frankfurt

Prior Work Experience: Finance and Non-Profit

Career Interest and Goals: Consulting

Personal Interests: Biking, Hiking, Skiing

Arch Vamanrao T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Hopkinton, MA

Undergraduate Education: Harvard College (2012), majored in Neurobiology and minored in Economics

Prior Work Experience: L.E.K. Consulting, retail and health care; Liberty Mutual, digital marketing and customer experience

Career Interest and Goals: Broadly, I would like to help women access the healthcare and education they need to live their lives with agency. I am still figuring out exactly how, but I am interested in how to best move the needle on these issues through capital, resources, and other support. I am also interested in the role design thinking can play in making interventions more powerful and successful.

Personal Interests: I enjoy trail running around Hanover, playing the trumpet, and brewing beer!

Caroline Wells T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Undergraduate Education: University of Virginia

Prior Work Experience: Deloitte Consulting, Strategy and Operations

Career Interest and Goals: Exploring intersection of business strategy and policy. Returning to consulting or a corporate strategy role. Down the road I'd like to get involved in politics.

Personal Interests: Running, cooking, debating politics, sour beer

Kevin Yuan T’20

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Undergraduate Education: University of Texas at Austin

Prior Work Experience: Project engineer at Chevron, nature and wildlife photographer

Career Interest and Goals: Sustainability, climate change prevention, energy accessibility, and sustainable apparel

Personal Interests: Scuba diving, hiking, skiing, basketball, photography

Student Stories

Tuck graduates enter a wide variety of fields and positions in government, social enterprise, and sustainability. Discover the pathways that students have taken in the past.

Eduardo Abby T'17

Why Tuck?

When I came to visit, I left my suit on the Dartmouth Coach and I had an interview the next morning. Tiago Fauth T’16 was kind enough to lend me his suit for the day. I was also impressed when I visited a professor’s class, and I saw him later in the afternoon and he remembered my name. That’s when I knew I wanted to spend two years of my life here. As I come from a different country, I thought it would be very important for me to have a close relationship with faculty and classmates. Here, you know everyone by name and people connect much more with each other. It’s a different MBA experience than other schools.

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Andrew Allison T'15


I lived in New York City for four years prior to Tuck. When looking at potential business schools to attend, I wanted to go somewhere I’d be surrounded by classmates without the constant distractions of a big city. If I wanted to truly transform myself, I knew I’d need a fully immersive experience which few schools could offer, Tuck being one of them.

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Nicole Burns T'17

THE PIVOT I came to Tuck with a passion for social impact consulting. I wanted to see if pursuing an internship in management consulting would be the first best step for me to enter this very niche market of social impact work. I realized after going through the recruiting process that I actually had other passions. I fell in love with technology and wound up getting an internship at Google working on payments which worked really well with my background in finance.

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Neeti Bandodker T'17


During my undergrad, I started becoming interested in the social sector. My college was very far away from home in an underdeveloped part of the country. For the first time, I was exposed to the harsh reality of poverty in India. I got interested in the social sector and was intrigued by micro-finance—offering small loans to women entrepreneurs so they could make better lives for themselves and their families. After college, I worked for a consulting company in the social sector which I really enjoyed. But after a couple of years, I felt I was plateauing in terms of learning and growing professionally. I also realized that many of my colleagues had a business background—whether in consulting, investing, or an MBA degree—and I could see how they added a lot of value to the conversation. Their skillset was highly valued in the social sector. That planted the seed. I wanted to complement my knowledge of social issues with a business background.

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Joanna Gawlik T'19

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Eric Giles T'16

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Vedrana Greatorex T'18

Business was the language I grew up with. My mom was a banker, and my dad was a business manager for several different companies. I was born into a white-collar family in Croatia, but when I moved to the U.S. alone, I found that I had to reestablish myself.

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Chris Dolan T'14

Why Tuck?

People often say that Tuck is a transformative experience, and I think they’re right. Tuck teaches you how to think strategically and prioritize. Some of the lessons taught in courses like Competitive Strategy can also be applied to how you spend your time, what you focus on, and how you approach your goals. Another transformative skill is determining the right questions to ask and knowing where to find the answers. We’re certainly trained to think with an analytical mindset in our courses, but the broader Tuck MBA experience—including interactions with classmates, professors, and alumni—further reinforces the practice of thinking about who it would be helpful to talk to, and then going to get their perspective.

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Whitney Flynn T'16

Why Tuck?

I had the benefit of spending four years in Hanover as a Dartmouth undergraduate and knew that there’s something really special that happens in this setting. The DNA of an educational experience here is totally unique—everyone is completely invested in the community. I knew that would be the setting through which I'd have the strongest community experience with my Tuck classmates and professors and others. For a lot of people, this setting is a big step outside of their comfort zone in a way that creates an open mindset for new experiences. As a Dartmouth alum and outdoor enthusiast, Tuck wasn’t outside of my comfort zone. I was excited to share what this environment has to offer with my peers.

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Elliot Gillerman T'15


After living in Washington for almost a decade, I was eager to return to New England for graduate school. I knew this time would be an opportunity to focus intensely on my personal and professional development. In order to achieve those goals, I wanted a small campus, a tight-knit community, and a supportive learning environment. Tuck has been all those things and more.

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Tanya Gulnik T'15


Tuck was the last school I visited and the last application due, but as soon as I saw it, I felt like, “I have to come here!” Even in my short visit, Tuck’s tight-knit community was so obvious: People know your first name and you can easily connect with professors and your fellow students. About eight of us did a pre-orientation backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail and we got to know each other right away. Some of them are still my best friends today!

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Mayank Kapur T'14

Why Tuck?

What makes Tuck different from the other top business schools is its remarkable level of engagement. Before I came here, I had an opportunity to talk to a few alums, and they were so willing to help me out that I remember thinking, “I’m not even a member of the community yet and they’re willing to devote so much time—imagine what it will be like if I do become a part of the community.” That was validated when I came here—Tuck becomes such a personalized experience where each professor, each classmate, each alumn is committed to your success.

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Tolulope Kehinde T'19

I moved to the United States in 2009 from Nigeria. After attending Mount Holyoke College, I knew I wanted to go to medical school. But as I learned more about what I wanted to do, I realized I didn't want to just be a doctor. I know how that sounds! But what I mean is, clinical work alone wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go. So I figured out that I might want to do an MD/MBA program.

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Sadé Lawrence T'18

I am passionate about people, their development, and the role they play in organizations. You can have a great business strategy, but if you don’t have the right people and the right infrastructure in place to support those people, then your strategy falls apart.

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Difu Li T'14

Why Tuck?

I chose Tuck because Hanover is the complete opposite of Hong Kong, and I think part of the MBA experience is to get out of your comfort zone and experience something you wouldn’t otherwise. I am so glad I chose to live and learn here. Tuck turned out to be the best two years of my life.

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Joseph Magdovitz T'15


I wanted a place where I would receive a well-rounded education, have intimate access to top professors, and build a great network. Tuck has exceeded my expectations in all of these areas. Professors take pride in teaching, relating to students, and creating an environment in which you are excited and motivated to learn. Alumni and classmates were unbelievably helpful with my career search. Having access to the wealth of knowledge and experience in the Tuck network was a major differentiator for me.

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Courtney Miller T'17


Being a co-chair of Tuck Talks, where students spend tens of hours preparing a 10-minute talk to answer the question “What is a relationship or experience that fundamentally changed the way you see the world?” has been a particularly meaningful experience for me. At Tuck Talks, we operate under the assumption that everyone has a unique story to tell. These are stories you don’t necessarily hear or see on a daily basis, and we’ve been able to provide this forum where people are comfortable sharing their authentic and vulnerable viewpoints to 300 or more of their peers. Every time I sit down to talk with someone about their story, I’m both humbled and amazed by the experiences they bring with them to this institution and their willingness to share.

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Jamie Mittelman T'19

Many of the skills I have learned have allowed me to develop meaningful professional relationships that I will continue to foster after graduation. The past two semesters alone I have worked directly with the World Economic Forum; first as a consultant in Johannesburg, South Africa, and now as a case writer. I look forward to remaining in touch with the Forum and (hopefully!) supporting them in the presentation of our teaching case. My relationship with the Forum is fully attributable to Tuck’s ability to form partnerships and create experiential learning opportunities with influential partner organizations.

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Danielle Musa T'17


The central thread in my Tuck experience is what I’d call values-driven business. I believe most people would like to “do well while doing good.” I wanted to dive deep into what that meant, understanding the many ways businesses aim to do this, and developing my own definition.

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Muyambi Muyambi T'18

Finance Meets Social Good

I really came to Tuck for the education. Prior to Tuck, I was an engineer, but I didn’t know much about finance or business strategy. I wanted to gain experience in those areas so I took as many finance courses as I could. Studying finance isn’t necessarily about wanting to earn more money. For me, I wanted to ensure that, when I join a company, I understand every facet of it.

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Mollie Naber T'16

Why Tuck?

I was pregnant and at an MBA career fair in Belgium where a recruiter overheard me talking about what I wanted—a small community where you can be outdoors; a place where people take care of their neighbors, the opportunity to explore public policy issues. The recruiter recommended Tuck, which hadn't been my radar. My husband matched at Dartmouth for residency; I was waitlisted and enrolled at Tuck the following year. This extra time gave me a chance to enjoy hiking and snowshoeing in the Upper Valley with my newborn while clarifying my career goals through consulting work.

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Stephanie C. O’Brien T'14

Why Tuck?

When I applied, I knew very little about business school but a fair amount about leadership development. I thought Tuck would be a place where I’d learn even more about what it meant to be a leader. Tuck does a really great job giving students the opportunity to lead—it’s a place where the students shape the school.

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Martina Ravelli T'18


I was born and raised in Italy and lived there for 21 years before moving to Germany, which is where most of my work experience has been. I worked for Deloitte for six years which was an amazing experience. But after a while I felt that my area of expertise was too narrow and was focused in an area which I wasn’t very passionate about. I started considering an MBA so I could be better equipped to switch careers to a different type of job. I wanted to see what that would look like. I wanted to transform my leadership skills. I knew I had a solid foundation in some of the hard skills of business—finance, accounting—but working at Deloitte, I met some really amazing leaders. I saw how they were motivating their teams and empowering people. I didn’t want to leave that to serendipity. I wanted to learn, and grow, and experiment.

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Julia Rosenbaum T'18

I pursued both an MBA from Tuck and a master’s in public administration (MPA) at the Harvard Kennedy School. With a dual degree, I not only got the policy and the nonprofit perspective that comes with an MPA, but I also gained business and management skills with an MBA. Prior to Tuck, I was happily working in the nonprofit space, but I knew I wanted to go back to school to further develop my leadership skills and feel comfortable taking on more projects and leading teams.

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Jared Pomerance T'16

Why Tuck?

Getting to be a student here, I feel like I stole something; there’s this opportunity to learn in such a tight-knit, intentional way from classmates who have so much industry and life experience.

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Mandakini Saroop T'14

Why Tuck?

One of the first things I noticed about Tuck is that everybody knows everyone else. We did a tour after my interview and my tour guide was a second-year. I swear he knew everybody by name, and everyone knew him by name. For me, this was important; I wanted to be part of a community, not just an anonymous person in a large school. I knew it was the right fit for me when, as a first-year student, I felt comfortable asking for help from my classmates and they were all too willing to drop what they were doing and lend a hand.

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Aviran Sethi T'16


I came to Tuck interested in learning how to be a leader and a change-agent. I wanted to know how I could apply more rigorous business acumen and leadership to identify, invest in, and scale innovations to positively affect students growing up in underserved communities whose current school systems are not adequately providing for their needs. Despite the specificity, complexity, and non-traditional nature of my goals, as soon as I said this was what I wanted, everyone at Tuck went out of their way to support me on my journey.

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Aditya K. Shah T'16


When I visited for the first time, Tuck allowed me to accompany an operations course to the Keurig Green Mountain factory even though I hadn’t applied yet. I thought, “If this is how Tuck treats people who aren’t admitted yet, how would it be if I was actually a student here?” That made me decide right then that this was the place for me.

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Divya Belavadi Struebing T'15


At first, I felt a little intimidated by the business school experience, but Tuck’s small class size, intimate character, and supportive atmosphere made me feel welcome. I knew that I could come to Tuck and really own my experience so that I could become whatever I wanted.

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Jed D. Talvacchia T'14

Why Tuck?

I chose Tuck because it has a dual degree with the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, where I was already enrolled, so my arrival at Tuck was serendipitous. I had no direct business experience, but Tuck strikes a great balance between academic rigor, real-world perspective, and fun. Plus, the power of its community can’t be overstated—I think it’s the only reason I got an internship and then a full-time offer in banking. The bank took a big risk on me and it’s the Tuck alumni who really pushed my application forward. All you need is that one chance to prove yourself and Tuck produced that opportunity.

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David Washer T'17


Prior to Tuck, I had done some public health casework, strengthening social safety net health care systems. Of all my casework, it was the most confusing. That was when I got a better sense of how complicated the U.S. health care system is. It made me think more about pursuing a master’s of public health degree, especially at Dartmouth which is focused on health care systems and unwarranted variation across them.

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Claire Winiarski T'18

Building a Solid Foundation in Business

Before coming to Tuck, I spent six years in the health care industry in a variety of product manager roles.  I was able to take ownership, run my own product line, and work across different functions. I was really learning a lot and was passionate about what I was doing, but I felt that if I wanted to advance in my career, I had to solidify my foundation in business.

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Alumni Stories

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Christoph Böhmer

co-founder, Welcome to Falkensee; operating partner, ArchiMed

Christoph Böhmer T’96 is helping lead a 500-strong volunteer effort to resettle Afghan, Iranian, and Syrian refugees in Germany.

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Gretchen Ki Steidle

Founder and President, Global Grassroots

Global Grassroots founder Gretchen Steidle T’01 helps women in marginalized communities unlock their considerable potential.

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Clayton Simmers

Teacher, Bernice A. Ray Elementary School

After living in Manhattan and San Francisco, working in media banking, Clayton Simmers T'99 landed back in the Upper Valley, to pursue a career in education.

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Tina Smith

U.S. Senator, Minnesota; Former Lieutenant Governor, Minnesota

Tina Smith T'84 is an American politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Minnesota since 2018.

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Colin Van Ostern

District 2 Representative, New Hampshire Executive Council

Colin Van Ostern T'09 announced his campaign for governor in October 2015 and built grassroots support around the state.

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Jacques-Philippe Piverger

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, MPOWERD

According to Jacques-Philippe Piverger T'07, the one-word solution to energy poverty in developing countries, is Luci, a low-cost solar light.

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Peter Raskind

Principal, JMB Consulting, LLC

After guiding National City Corp through the financial crisis, Peter Raskind D’78, T’79 found civic engagement in confronting two of Cleveland's public crises—for the sum total of $2.

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Ann Waterman Roy

Vice President, Strategic Operations, Innovate Public Schools

Launching a new public school takes an entrepreneurial spirit, but many of the best educators have never been schooled in finance, management, and operations. Enter Ann Waterman Roy T’05.

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Daniel Revers

Managing Partner & Co-Founder, ArcLight Capital Partners; Tuck Board of Advisors

The new Revers Center for Energy, made possible by Daniel Revers T'89, expands Tuck’s energy programming in the classroom and beyond.

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Sean Joyce

Former Deputy Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation; Financial Crimes Unit Leader, PwC

A 25-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Sean Joyce T’87 has seen his share of criminals. Now leader of PwC's Financial Crimes Unit, Joyce says his business-school education has never been more important.

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Steve Voigt

Former President and CEO, King Arthur Flour Co., Inc.

How to breathe new life into one of the country’s oldest companies? During his twenty years at King Arthur Flour Company, former president Steve Voigt T'86 did it by embracing people’s love of something timeless: baking.

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Scott Frantz

Connecticut State Senator, 36th District; President, Haebler Capital

Following five years in the mergers and acquisitions industry, Scott Frantz T'86 joined a few close friends in putting together a private equity and venture capital business.

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Salil Tripathi

Senior Adviser, Institute for Human Rights and Business; Chair, Writers in Prison Committee of PEN International

Salil Tripathi T’85 became interested in human rights as a teenager in Bombay, when the government declared a state of emergency and suspended the constitution for 21 months.

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Carolyn McGuire

Founder, Community Consulting Teams

Over twenty years ago, Carolyn McGuire T’83 helped form Community Consulting Teams of Boston. It’s still going strong today—and facilitating a lot of good work.

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Neil “Dutch” Kuyper

President & CEO, Parker Ranch, Inc.

Dutch Kuyper T’92 wants to turn Parker Ranch, a 130,000-acre cattle operation and piece of Hawaiian history, into a model of sustainability.

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Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor

CEO, Intercorp

Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor Jr. T'88 founded Intercorp to make Peru the best place in Latin America to live and raise a family. Today, business is thriving and the future of Peru's emerging middle class has never been brighter.

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Vicki Craver

Vice Chair, Fairfield County Community Foundation

At Tuck, Vicki Craver T'97 discovered a latent interest in financial strategy. Now, after a successful career at Goldman Sachs and raising a family, she applies her financial accumen to vetting nonprofit projects.

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Debi Brooks

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Debi Brooks T’86 didn’t set out to become a leader in the fight against Parkinson’s disease, but she recognized a unique opportunity to make a difference.

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Christopher Fox

Associate Court Administrator, Massachusetts Trial Court

After working in security sales for Goldman Sachs, Christopher Fox T'81 was drawn back to the public sector because he wanted to serve his community and for the intellectual challenge.

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Amy Houston

Managing Director, Robin Hood Foundation

Amy Houston T’97 was inspired to attend Tuck after seeing firsthand how a board with for-profit management experience can help a nonprofit, and she kept this lesson in mind when she joined the Robin Hood Foundation.

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Curt Welling

Senior Fellow, Tuck Center for Business, Government & Society

Curt Welling D'71, T'77 started his post-Tuck career in finance, but after 9/11, he shifted to the nonprofit sector where he made lasting impact as CEO of AmeriCares before joining the Tuck faculty.

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Jennifer Wilson

Marketing Director, Make-A-Wish Foundation

Jennifer Wilson T'99 doesn’t recall how she ended up turning a kindergartner into a caped-crusader, but as director of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, this is part of her job.

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Duncan McDougall

Executive Director & Founder, Children's Literacy Foundation

In his 20s, Duncan McDougall T’87 spent time guiding expeditions of the physical world. Since 1998, however, he has been leading expeditions of another kind, guiding children on a journey to literacy.

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Alan D. Pesky

Founder & Director, Lee Pesky Learning Center

After losing his son Lee in 1995, Alan Pesky T'60 and his family solidified their resolve to honor Lee’s memory by establishing an organization to help learning-disabled children.

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