The Center for Business, Government & Society works with every Tuck student to both establish a strong foundation and design an individualized program of academics, extra-curricular activities and experiences to further their understanding of the issues at the intersection of business, government, and society. Ultimately, the Tuck experience provides a pathway for students to enhance perspective, deepen experiences, and create impact. From environmental sustainability to social change, or economic development, there are courses, that combined with co-curricular activities and experiential learning programs, prepare Tuck students for the impact they will create.

Elective Courses

Several Elective Courses at Tuck explore the intersection of business, government, and society. In addition, work is underway to expand the offerings in this area. Below are several courses that explore these themes, taught by affiliated faculty.

  • Business and Climate Change
  • Business and Ethics at the Base of the Pyramid
  • Business and Society
  • Business-Social Sector Partnerships
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Ethics in Action
  • Managing for Social Impact
  • The Arrhythmia of Finance
  • The CEO Experience

Ethics and Social Responsibility Requirement

In a competitive and rapidly changing world, effective leaders will have to understand how the success of their organizations is intertwined with broader ethical and social issues. Business leaders must recognize that sustainable economic growth is not possible without considering the needs and demands of broader society. To prepare students for success as principled leaders of business and society, Tuck now requires each student to take at least one mini-course (a minimum of 1.5 credits) that explores the complex ethical and social challenges of business.

Independent Study

In the second year, Tuck students can make use of the independent study option to customize their educational experience. Projects are grounded in the established fields of management but they can cover a remarkable range of topics, from health insurance reform and sustainability reporting to impact investing and global food systems.


Tuck students develop a global mindset through immersion into different cultures. TuckGO (global opportunities) features a set of carefully designed immersive, experiential courses that take place in various countries around the world and to fulfill this requirement, each student must participate in at least one such course in a country that is new to them. Four activities satisfy this requirement: a Global Insight Expedition, a qualifying First-Year Project, an OnSite Global Consulting assignment, or an Exchange Program with one of Tuck's partner institutions. Students can also propose an alternative means of meeting the requirement that must be approved in advance. See Experiential Learning for more information on how students in the past have designed their own private equity and entrepreneurial pathways as a part of TuckGO.

For-Credit Programs

Tuck Social Venture Fund (TSVF)