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Center Team

Affiliated Faculty

Paul A. Argenti

Professor of Corporate Communication

Paul Argenti is a pioneer in the field of corporate communication, teaching some of the earliest courses on the subject for Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He wrote Corporate Communication, the first textbook in the field now in its eighth edition, along with Corporate Responsibility, Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communication, The Power of Corporate Communication, and many other books and articles. He teaches courses on corporate communication, corporate responsibility, and general management, and has consulted and run training programs for hundreds of companies including ING, Mitsui, Novartis, Goldman Sachs, and the Detroit Lions. Argenti is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review and has appeared in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, and others.

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Emily J. Blanchard

Associate Professor of Business Administration; Daniel R. Revers T’89 Faculty Fellow

Emily Blanchard is a leading expert on international economic policy, associate professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, research fellow with the Centre for Economic Policy Research, and a member of the CESifo research network. She served as chief economist of the US Department of State from January 2022 to November 2023. Blanchard’s research lies at the intersection of international economics and public policy. Her work explores how foreign investment and global value chains are changing the role of trade and international economic cooperation in the 21st century, and how globalization and education shape political outcomes and the distribution of income within and across countries. An award-winning teacher, Blanchard offers courses on global economics, international economic policy, and cooperation and competition in the global economy. She graduated with honors in economics from Wellesley College and earned MSc and PhD degrees in economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

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Margaret Hanson

Clinical Professor of Business Administration

Margaret Hanson’s expertise is in business ethics, business-nonprofit collaboration, corporate social responsibility, and development studies. Her academic research and publications lie at the intersection of cross-sector collaboration, driven by social impact missions. Her research has focused on the ethical challenges and social risk that multinational enterprises face in developing-country contexts characterized by institutional voids and state failure. Prior to her arrival at Tuck, she taught for more than a decade at INSEAD in France, where she was affiliated through research with the Humanitarian Research Group at INSEAD; she is now affiliated with the Center for Business, Government & Society at the Tuck School. 

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Thomas C. Lawton

Visiting Professor of Business Administration

Professor Lawton is an authority on nonmarket strategy and business model innovation, particularly during corporate turnaround or in response to political risk. Much of his work explores organizational forms and strategy processes for engaging political and social actors and arenas. The research leverages institutional perspectives and extends capabilities theory beyond market settings and into the nonmarket contexts of corporate political activity (CPA) and corporate social responsibility (CSR). His research has explored and advanced our understanding of how the firm competes beyond market settings, partnering with government in industrial policy initiatives, engaging external stakeholders through intermediaries like trade associations, and managing and mitigating political risk when entering and embedding in foreign markets, particularly emerging economies. He teaches a course in International Strategy at Tuck.

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Matthew Rees

Senior Fellow, Center for Business, Government & Society

Matthew Rees is the founder of Geonomica, an editorial consulting firm that has worked with clients across a number of industries, and a senior fellow at Tuck's Center for Business, Government & Society. He has cowritten, with Lloyd Minor, dean of Stanford University’s School of Medicine, Discovering Precision Health: Predict, Prevent, and Cure to Advance Health and Well-Being. A former journalist, Rees has worked for the Wall Street Journal and the Economist, and he is a frequent book reviewer for the Journal. He also has extensive government experience, serving as a speechwriter for President George W. Bush, former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick.

Anant K. Sundaram

Clinical Professor of Business Administration

Anant Sundaram teaches Corporate Valuation and Business and Climate Change at Tuck. His areas of expertise are business valuation, M&A, corporate governance, and financial strategies for profitable growth.

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Curtis R. Welling

Clinical Professor

Curtis R. Welling D'71, T'77 is a clinical professor of business who teaches courses at the intersection on business, society and government. Prior to Tuck Professor Welling served as the president and chief executive officer of AmeriCares for 11 years, guiding the organization in delivering $9 billion in medicines and supplies around the world. Prior to AmeriCares Professor Welling worked in the investment banking and securities industries for 25 years. He teaches classes on Impact Investing, Social Entrepreneurship, Business and Society.

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Student Leaders

Chris Ahn T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Undergraduate Education: Washington and Lee University

Prior Work Experience: Tulsa Public Schools, Third Grade Teacher; Teach For America, Corps Member; Uncommon Schools, FP&A Manager

Board Placement: Upper Valley Haven, Inc.

Career Interest and Goals: Investment banking and real estate

Saif Ansari T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Central Valley, NY

Undergraduate Education: New York University (Music)

Prior Work Experience: Medical devices

Board Placement: Ottauquechee Health Foundation

Career Interest and Goals: Physician, medtech

Marcus Bailey T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: New York, NY

Undergraduate Education: Davidson College

Prior Work Experience: Director, Broadridge Financial Solutions

Board Placement: Vital Communities

Career Interest and Goals: Consulting

Eliza Ball T’24

MBA Fellow

Hometown: London, UK

Undergraduate Education: Tufts University

Prior Work Experience: Prior to Tuck, Eliza worked at LEWIS Global Communications in Washington, D.C. 

Career Interest and Goals: After graduating, Eliza is interested in moving into corporate sustainability strategy and helping progress the global transition to more sustainable business practices. 

Cheyenne Begley T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Manhasset, NY

Undergraduate Education: Lehigh University, B.S. in Bioengineering, Cornell University, M.Eng. in Biomedical Engineering

Prior Work Experience: GE Healthcare, Integra LifeSciences

Board Placement: Spark! Community Placement

Career Interest and Goals: My goal is to become a Healthcare Investment Banker after Tuck and to further develop my MedTech expertise in order to carve out my legacy in impacting the Healthcare space

Fresia Blanco T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Undergraduate Education: Towson University (Business Administration)

Prior Work Experience: I spent the majority of my career working in financial services operations. I spent two years working at Morgan Stanley in the fixed income trading operations division and another two years working at a FinTech. 

Board Placement: AVA Gallery & Art Center

Career Interest and Goals: I plan on pursuing a career in management consulting and specializing in the social impact sector. I'm passionate about financial equity and inclusion and education. 

Beth Bollinger T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Undergraduate Education: Washington University in St. Louis (Physics)

Prior Work Experience: After college, I worked at Epic, a healthcare software company, doing a combination of software development and project management. Then, I worked as a full-stack web developer at the UW Credit Union, a small financial in Wisconsin, leading a team to enhance their online banking portal, connect with fintechs, and improve security.

Board Placement: Vermont Institute of Natural Science

Career Interest and Goals: I am interested in digital strategy, and post-Tuck I will be joining the Boston Consulting Group as a Digital Consultant. 

Fiona Bowen T’24

MBA Fellow and Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Summit, NJ

Undergraduate Education: Dartmouth College

Prior Work Experience: Consultant at Bain & Company

Board Placement: Bugbee Senior Center

Career Interest and Goals: After Tuck I plan to return to consulting. Long term, I hope to work in social impact in the education sector. 

Laura D’Angelo T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Woodbridge, CT

Undergraduate Education: Colgate University

Prior Work Experience: Senior Category Manager - Glossier (3 years); Business Development Analyst - Chanel (3 years); Planning Analyst & Executive Development Program - Macy's (1 year)

Board Placement: Hanover Improvement Society

Career Interest and Goals: Retail/Consumer Goods, early stage startups

Chitti Desai T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Board Placement: Music to Life

Hilary Fitzsimmons T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: New Canaan, CT

Undergraduate Education: Occidental College

Prior Work Experience: I spent 6 years prior to Tuck working in digital advertising in New York City. ~2 years of that were spent at an advertising network and 4+ years were spent at Vox Media, building and growing an advertising business line. At Vox, I was responsible for external publisher partnerships, internal operations, strategy, and was also a people manager. 

Board Placement: Upper Valley Trails Alliance

Career Interest and Goals: I am passionate about building businesses and I hope to work for a tech company or start-up post Tuck. 

Joseph Flaherty T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Norwell, MA

Undergraduate Education: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Prior Work Experience: Analyst & VP of Operations at Trilogy Inc. and Civil Engineer at CHA Consulting

Board Placement: Vermont Woodlands Association

Career Interest and Goals: I plan to pursue a career in investment banking with a focus on the tech industry. 

Morgan Fletcher T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Wayland,MA

Undergraduate Education: Hamilton College

Prior Work Experience: Equity Research Analyst in Consumer Staples at Bank of America

Board Placement: Whaleback

Career Interest and Goals: I am looking to pursue a career in consulting to develop a well-rounded strategic toolkit. I will be joining Bain as a summer associate in Boston for my internship. My goal at Tuck and beyond is to be able to transition my professional track from being a reactive analyst towards becoming a proactive leader. 

Allie Forlenza T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Undergraduate Education: University of Notre Dame

Prior Work Experience: Growth Equity Investor at Catalyst Investors; Equity Research Associate at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Board Placement: Spark Community Center

Career Interest and Goals: Corporate development at a tech startup

Ruchi Gayakwad T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Bhopal, India

Undergraduate Education: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay (B.Tech)

Prior Work Experience: Quantitative Research and Risk Management at Acuity Knowledge Partners (Formerly Moody's) and Axis Bank

Board Placement: CraftStudies

Career Interest and Goals: Consulting

Sara Gong T’24

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Yangzhou 

Undergraduate Education: Northeast Normal University, College of Humanities and Science

Prior Work Experience: Montessori Teacher, Business associate at an education service firm  

Career Interest and Goals: Edtech, strategy, social impact 

James Goodman T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Undergraduate Education: University of Pennsylvania, BSE Mechanical Engineering; University of Wisconsin - Madison, MS Computer Science

Prior Work Experience: Before Tuck, I worked at Epic, an Electronic Medical Record company in both client-facing roles and as a software developer.

Board Placement: Hanover Improvement Society

Career Interest and Goals: Short-term, I plan to go into digitally-focused strategy consulting. Long-term, I'm interested in healthcare entrepreneurship.

Caroline Hogan T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Board Placement: CraftStudies

Peter Hughes T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: London, England

Undergraduate Education: University of Southern California

Prior Work Experience: Prior to Tuck, I ran the grant-giving programs for Beyond Sport, a foundation which supports community nonprofits that use sports in their programming

Board Placement: Positive Tracks

Career Interest and Goals: After Tuck, I hope to work in a marketing or brand strategy role for a consumer facing company.

Sarah Kilpatrick T’24

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Mansfield, TX

Undergraduate Education: Texas A&M University

Prior Work Experience: Implementation Project Manager at Epic Systems, Manager of Client Strategy and Analytics at Bliss Point Media, and taught English in France

Career Interest and Goals: Sustainability consulting or ESG Reporting more broadly

Katherine Kirby T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

Undergraduate Education: Vanderbilt University (Economics and Psychology)

Prior Work Experience: I was previously an Investment Associate at Cambridge Associates and then joined the investment team at The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as an Investment Associate on the Private Equity and Venture Capital team.

Board Placement: High Horses Therapeutic Riding Program

Career Interest and Goals: I am interested in sustainable retail with a long-term goal of owning my own business. 

Laura Knapp T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Wilton, CT

Undergraduate Education:  Davidson College (Social Entrepreneurship and Applied Mathematics)

Prior Work Experience: During my undergraduate career, I worked for several nonprofit organizations, including Social Venture Partners and the Ronald McDonald House Charities in different capacities. After completing my undergraduate degree, I served as a Community Economic Development Volunteer in Senegal with the Peace Corps where I focussed mainly on agribusiness, entrepreneurial, and women's empowerment initiatives. I transitioned from the Peace Corps to the Small Business Administration where I facilitated small business growth for socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses in the public sector. 

Board Placement: Vital Communities

Career Interest and Goals: I am passionate about building communities that strengthen the health and well-being of our planet and its constituents. I am driven by cross-sector collaboration to combine the resources and strategies of organizations that are working towards the same goals. I am inspired by international cooperation and the celebration of different cultures. I hope to combine my passions for sustainability and collaborative global development in an international business career post-tuck.

AJ Kumar T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Stockton, CA

Undergraduate Education:  UC Berkeley, BA in Economics

Prior Work Experience: An intelligence officer in the US Army, a company executive officer, was deployed to Afghanistan with JSOC, and a speechwriter for two generals

Board Placement: Music to Life

Career Interest and Goals: I want to move back and forth between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, working to spread best practices and connect people and organizations, with the goal of strengthening American democracy and improving American prosperity.

Andrea Lau T’24

MBA Fellow/Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Undergraduate Education:  Queen's University

Prior Work Experience: Government

Board Placement: Habitat for Humanity

Career Interest and Goals: Consulting and Technology

Julianne Loree T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Farmington, CT

Undergraduate Education: Union College in Schenectady, NY

Prior Work Experience: Manager, McKinsey & Company, New York City Office

Board Placement: COVER Home Repair

Career Interest and Goals: ESG and Social Impact

Gagan Makhija T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Bhopal, India

Undergraduate Education: Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (B. Tech Mechanical Engineering)

Prior Work Experience: I was an engineer in the field of battery storage. I designed battery cells for electric vehicles, including Tesla.

Board Placement: Historic Windsor

Career Interest and Goals: I am planning to work as a consultant post Tuck and solve business challenges in a variety of situations.

Carson Marsh T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Marshfield, MA

Undergraduate Education: College of the Holy Cross

Prior Work Experience: Senior Investment Associate at Partners Capital Investment Group

Board Placement: Twin Pines Housing

Career Interest and Goals: Real Estate Investment Banking

Ben Marshall T’24

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Bournemouth, UK

Undergraduate Education:  University of Oxford

Prior Work Experience: Consulting, Tech and Government (healthcare, trade, education)

Career Interest and Goals: Social impact, working at the intersection of public and private sectors

Erin Matheson T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Golden, CO

Undergraduate Education: Scripps College (Biochemistry)

Prior Work Experience: DaVita Kidney Care

Board Placement: Good Neighbor Health Clinic

Career Interest and Goals: Health care consulting at McKinsey 

Zoe Olson T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Moraga, California

Undergraduate Education: University of Oregon

Prior Work Experience: Accenture Public Sector Consulting and Accenture Ventures

Board Placement: Upper Valley Trails Alliance

Career Interest and Goals: Tech Product Strategy

Oruare Ovbiagele T’24

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Undergraduate Education: Prairie View A&M University

Prior Work Experience: Consulting, energy

Career Interest and Goals: Investment Banking

D’Najah Picou T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Undergraduate Education: University of Cincinnati

Prior Work Experience: Corporate Finance at Walmart

Board Placement: The Community Gallery, Inc (AVA Gallery and Art Center)

Career Interest and Goals: Interested in understanding how acquisitions, investments and mergers impact a company's strategy. 

Adam Prince T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Bryn Mawr, PA

Undergraduate Education: Duke University (Biology)

Prior Work Experience: Cardiology fellowship at Dartmouth Health

Board Placement: Ottauquechee Health Foundation

Career Interest and Goals: Healthcare and innovations that advance patient care, early stage healthcare investing and medical device entrepreneurship

Chloe Rouhandeh T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: New York, NY

Undergraduate Education: Carleton College

Prior Work Experience: I have worked at two rare disease biotechnology companies in both Business Development and Marketing. 

Board Placement: Public Health Council of the Upper Valley

Career Interest and Goals: Biotech and Pharma 

Abhishek Senapati T’24

MBA Fellow/Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Manchester, UK

Undergraduate Education: Lancaster University, BA History; University College London, MA Architectural History and Theory

Prior Work Experience: 4 years in the British Government, working across policy and strategy in the Department for Health and Social Care and then at the Treasury

Board Placement: Valley Court Diversion Programs

Career Interest and Goals: Public sector consulting, public-private partnerships, and ultimately to run a low-cost for-profit hospital chain in rural India.

Varna Sharma T’24

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Undergraduate Education: University of Virginia, B.S.; Purdue University, M.S.

Prior Work Experience: Materials engineer at Modern Meadow: innovating and scaling sustainably-made biomaterials for the fashion industry

Career Interest and Goals: Enabling companies to move towards a more sustainable future through internal strategy or investing

Marie Smoak T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Undergraduate Education: UNC Chapel Hill

Prior Work Experience: Healthcare consulting

Board Placement: Public Health Council of the Upper Valley

Career Interest and Goals: I am passionate about improving health care access and quality and aim to work for a health care startup.

Madeline Soutter T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Barrington, RI

Undergraduate Education: Boston College (Political Science)

Prior Work Experience: Prior to Tuck I worked in investment management at Cambridge Associates helping institutional investors to develop and implement venture capital programs.

Board Placement: Carter Community Building Association 

Career Interest and Goals: I am interested in helping essential industries, such as food and agriculture, improve sustainability by adopting emerging technologies and processes.

Jessie Stein T’24

MBA Fellow

Hometown: Brookline, MA

Undergraduate Education: Boston College

Prior Work Experience: Working at the intersection of State Government and the non-profit sector

Career Interest and Goals: Pursuing a career in the social impact or ESG space that works to create macro level change to positively benefit others.

Alison Tilson T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: New York, NY

Undergraduate Education: Carleton College, BA in Economics

Prior Work Experience: 4 years working in consulting at EY-Parthenon in New York, focused mostly on projects related supply chain for Life Sciences companies

Board Placement: Vermont Institute of Natural Science

Career Interest and Goals: As I am sponsored by my company, I will be returning to consulting after I graduate from Tuck. After school, I hope to return to my supply chain work, potentially for consumer and retail companies. Long term, I hope to hold leadership positions that will allow me to enact change and improve the lives of others, particularly for women in the workforce.

Renna Traboulsi T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Calgary, Canada

Undergraduate Education: Queen's University (Mechanical Engineering) 

Prior Work Experience: "I worked in engineering consulting in Toronto at Hatch Ltd. I balanced my time between the Noise&Vibration and Nuclear groups, performing interior acoustic analyses and directing multi-disciplinary teams to design solutions for nuclear waste management. "

Board Placement: Positive Tracks 

Career Interest and Goals: I am interested in blending my passion for fitness and running in my personal life with my professional life. I am interested in brand management roles for fitness focused retail. 

Sunakshi Wadhwa T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Chandigarh, India

Undergraduate Education: Macalester College

Prior Work Experience: McKinsey & Company; Shopee

Board Placement: West Central Behavioral Health

Career Interest and Goals: My goal is to become an innovative, inclusive, and empowering leader in a disruptive consumer-centric industry 

Marnie Wallach T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Undergraduate Education: Georgetown University (Healthcare Management and Policy)

Prior Work Experience: I started my career with five years at Deloitte Consulting in the Government and Public Services practice with a focus on healthcare clients across human capital, operations, and strategy projects. To deepen my knowledge in the healthcare space, I completed my Masters of Public Health degree at Johns Hopkins with a focus in Health Policy and Mental Health. Since going back go school, I have interned with Kaiser Permanente's Strategy and Corporate Development team and I am currently a Market Research Fellow with Rock Health.

Board Placement: Visions for Creative Housing Solutions

Career Interest and Goals: I am excited to continue my career in the healthcare space, particularly focusing on the intersection of technology, access, and policy.

Emily Weis T’24

MBA Fellow/Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Higganum, CT

Undergraduate Education: Northeastern University 

Prior Work Experience: Financial Analyst at US Department of the Treasury and Macro Strategist at State Street Global Markets 

Board Placement: Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity

Career Interest and Goals: I am interested in using the intersection of economics, business, and politics to bring about positive change. 

Megan Woody T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Undergraduate Education: University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Public Health and Chemistry)

Prior Work Experience: Strategy consulting across the health care industry, with a focus on health equity 

Board Placement: Whaleback Mountain

Career Interest and Goals: Working across the health care, nonprofit, and business landscape to develop a more equitable health care system

Katherine Zafirson T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Saco, ME

Undergraduate Education: Colby College

Prior Work Experience: Economic Consultant at Analysis Group

Board Placement: Positive Tracks

Career Interest and Goals: Data analytics in the health and fitness industry

Weiran Zeng T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Beijing, China

Undergraduate Education: Duke University (Economics and Philosophy)

Prior Work Experience: Analyst at Cornerstone Research, Associate Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble, Strategist at Bytedance

Board Placement: Visions for Creative Housing Solutions

Career Interest and Goals: Digital transformations in consumer-facing businesses

Katherine Zimmel T’24

Nonprofit Board Fellow

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Undergraduate Education: Georgetown University

Prior Work Experience: Director of Sales at Darktrace, a global cybersecurity software company

Board Placement: Spark! Community Center

Career Interest and Goals: Strategic Consulting