Courses & Electives

The Center for Business, Government & Society works with every Tuck student to both establish a strong foundation and design an individualized program of academics, extra-curricular activities and experiences to further their understanding of the issues at the intersection of business, government, and society. Ultimately, the Tuck experience provides a pathway for students to enhance perspective, deepen experiences, and create impact. From environmental sustainability to social change, or economic development, there are courses, that combined with co-curricular activities and experiential learning programs, prepare Tuck students for the impact they will create.

Elective Courses

Several Elective Courses at Tuck explore the intersection of business, government, and society. Below are several courses that explore these themes, taught by affiliated faculty.

  • Business and Climate Change
  • Business and Ethics at the Base of the Pyramid
  • Business and Society
  • Corporate Responsibility 
  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Ethics in Action
  • Impact Investing: Capital for Social Impact
  • Managing for Social Impact
  • Social Entrepreneurship